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Good people

beakfast sando

You know how some people say that the best way to test for a good chef is to have them make you an omelette? Well, I think the best way to test for a good person is to talk to them about breakfast sandwiches. I fundamentally do not trust anyone who isn’t at least a little bit passionate about a good breakfast sandwich.

A breakfast sandwich is just one of those things where when it’s good, it’s good, so part of being even a little excited about breakfast sandwiches means you are probably on The Quest For the Best One. I’m not so egotistical as to say I’ve found The Best One and that it’s in fact my own creation, but I am here to tell you that on this quest, a major milestone has been achieved.

I recently bought a smoker and have spent a fair amount of time testing it out with a friend – and if you know anything about cooking meat at 200 degrees, you know it takes a long time. It involves eight solid hours at home, divided into 30 minute increments where you check in to dote on your smoker, check the temperature of your fire, and add charcoal as needed. It’s kind of like having a baby – probably.

Having this much downtime with a fellow food enthusiast has inevitably yielded extra cooking projects (“Hey, let’s make french toast and then make a PB&J out of it.”) And typically, after first getting the meat into the smoker around 8am, making a kickass breakfast sandwich. That’s how this beauty came to be.

There are no big surprises that make this sandwich awesome: english muffins. bacon. avocados. sriracha…wait for it…mayo. But there is one thing that moved this to the next level, and that is the patented technology we call SFP (Same F***ing Pan). That is when you cook your bacon, pour out the oil, assemble your sandwich, and ultimately return your sandwich to grill for a few delightful moments in, you guessed it, the same f***ing pan. You end up with a gorgeously crusted outside with a still soft inside. Like many famous inventions, this happened by necessity when the toaster was broken. Hey, the path to breakfast nirvana is winding. Good people of the world, rejoice.

                                                                    Guts and glory

The Best Friggin’ Breakfast Sandwich
english muffins (I actually used whole wheat)
avocado, sliced
cheddar cheese, sliced

Cook bacon in a skillet. Pour out the oil and wipe the pan to remove most of it. Add some butter, melt it, and fry up an egg. Transfer the egg out. In a small bowl, mix mayonnaise and sriracha, until light pink (or however spicy you like it). Take lightly toasted english muffins and assemble your sandwich with mayo, bacon, eggs, sliced avocado, and cheddar. Butter both sides of the sandwich, then return your sandwich to the SFP for a final grill, until the cheese is melted and the bread is nicely browned on the outside. Cut the sandwich in half, but be decisive and show no fear – that’s how you keep it from falling apart.