Why Sam is Bomb:

From the ripe age of three, Sam has taken food extremely seriously. After uttering her first words “I’ll think I’ll have the quiche,” she created quite the reputation for herself on the playground with gourmet lunches, although her pallet has now grown to prefer the fresher faire favored in her San Francisco home. While she is away from the kitchen, you might find Sam strumming her guitar, in a pristine downward dog, or enjoying a nightcap of chamomile tea and an episode of Glee before bed. In addition to being ridiculously articulate with a fine taste for savory baked goods and second helpings, Sam is also a remarkable cook with a sharp sense of humor and a love for cabbage.

Why Joni is Bomb:

Those of us who had Joni do our coloring for us since we were four know that her craftsmanship has always been superior. Her artistic abilities extended naturally into a career as a graphic designer, but also into some supreme doodles, gangster instagram photos of her dad, spontaneous origami…and then there’s the baking. Her combination of loving to bake and generally eating mouse-like quantities lead to her being more or less the best friend ever. Never one to follow the pack, Joni became a health nut after leaving the Bay Area and can now be found packing several bottles of kombucha at all times. When she’s not making logos and/or food look beautiful, you can find Joni watching Mariachi, tanning on her lawn, and supporting Dodger baseball, like a good Angelino.


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  1. I can answer Sandy’s question: it is not remotely possible. The blog and its authors are the absolute bomb.

    Jane J

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